Friday, May 20, 2011

Joining the Club but Keeping the Faith

Well I’ve joined the club. So many illustrious authors have counted themselves a member of this club. Anne Rice, Stephen King, JK Rowlings all are members. So I should feel honored to be among their number. Yes, I’ve joined the BIG leagues..

A thin envelope lay in my hand with my own typewritten return address. A sudden rush of excitement, someone actually opened my query and took the time to read it and perhaps... The editor’s reply took only a single sheet. A form letter telling me ‘thanks, but no thanks.’ (I think she even signed it herself).

Today I received my first rejection

I’ll keep this letter and cherish it. For I understand it for what symbolizes, one-step closer to the letter that will say, ‘Please forward the manuscript.’

For now, I’m waiting for my membership card to the ‘been rejected’ club-maybe I’ll get it laminated.